Senior Backend Software Engineer

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  • London, United Kingdom

Senior Backend Software Engineer

Job description

About us:

We’re working hard to disrupt the high fashion industry with a mobile game that includes ecommerce features, backed by an angel investor, advised by world renowned industry experts, and partnered with a high-tech, international retail partner.



During our two years we have worked on an inspiring project in the luxury fashion sector. After spotting a gap in the market, we've collaborated with the 'who's who' of luxury brands and top flight fashion editors and have designed and developed a fashion game, with the aim of empowering fashion lovers and revolutionising the way that people shop and discover. The game is due to launch at the end of 2019/2020 and therefore we are looking for talented people to join our team and be part of the game’s success story.


Job Description:

Our backend systems need to deal with scaling to ingest millions of events including product information, prices, images, and in-game activity supporting both our iOS and Android apps with authentication, analytics and tracking, I18n, and core game logic.

You need to take a scientific approach to innovation and problem solving. You'll be heavily involved in defining and delivering experiments to further our understanding of the market, our users, and how we can best hit our targets.


  • Designing, building, and deploying experiments to test hypotheses
  • Owning OKRs and defining how best to deliver on those metrics
  • Writing, reviewing, and deleting code (a red diff is the best diff!)
  • Mentoring less experienced team members
  • Working closely with the CTO to shape both the product and our processes 


  • Competitive salary
  • Bonus scheme
  • Remote friendly
  • Flexible working hours
  • and more!


Must haves

  • Minimum of five years professional software development experience 
  • Proficiency with several programming languages 
  • Experience working with functional programming (ideally Clojure)
  • Proficiency with Git, shell scripting, and *nix environments
  • Experience running production systems in cloud environments like AWS.
  • SQL and NoSQL database experience (PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Redis etc.)
  • Strong communication skills
  • You're a considerate coder: you comment your code, write tests, and only merge working code.



  • Knowledge of event sourcing, CQRS, and related event-based scaling/resilience techniques 
  • Use of one or more of Kafka, SQS, RabbitMQ 
  • Experience building web applications 
  • Clojure(script) experience a big plus! (you are at least a hobbyist)
  • Experience building SPAs 
  • Familiarity with AWS 
  • Knowledge of Ansible, and/or Terraform
  • Interest in game theory